Argentine City Mourns New York Truck Attack Victims

On October 31st 2017, a truck attack in New York occurred and killed several people. In memory of those that were killed, many people in Rosario, Argentina held a vigil for those who were killed. The vigil was specifically for five residents who were part of a group of 10 friends. These friends had traveled in New York to celebrate their thirty-year anniversary from graduating college. The group had decided in 1987 that they wanted to take a trip to New York for their anniversary. They even rented bikes to tour Lower Manhattan. Unfortunately, such a fun planned day turned into a horrible disaster. During the attack, the truck was driven along the sidewalk and wiped out several victims in its pathway. After the attack occurred, Ariel Benvenuto, a man who had barely escaped the attack called his wife as soon as the attack happen and told her about the car accelerating and barely missing him by 8 inches. In honor of these victims, the candles were lit at the colleges which the victims graduated from along with flags being lowered at half-mast. There were many who expressed their disbelief and heartbrokenness through lighting the candles in front of the General San Martin polytechnic college. In addition, on November 1st, 1,300 college students held a moment of silence for the victims. One of the officials from the college, “they went to celebrate life and they met with death.” The family members of the victims will go to New York to get the bodies of the victims.


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