Argentinian lawyer Alberto Nisman was murdered, police report finds

Recent evidence is suggesting that Alberto Nisman, an Argentinian lawyer who was investigating the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing, was murdered. Originally, his death was thought to be suicide. His death, which occurred in 2015, came just four days after he accused then president Cristina Fernández of covering up Iranian involvement in the bombing. Initial autopsies from 2015 showed there was no evidence that anyone else was there. However, a team of border police working under prosecutor Eduardo Taiano found evidence to suggest that two people had beaten Nisman, drugged him, and shot him to stage a suicide. The report also included many other aspects that older reports from 2015 lacked, such as blows to the body and a lack of gunpowder of Nisman’s hands. However, there are other issues surrounding the investigation as well. The crime scene had been damaged, and Nisman’s phone and computer had been tampered with. Also, there was a forensic report sent from the defense of Diego Lagomarsino (the man who gave Nisman the gun that killed him) that differs from the reports recently found in time of death and the physical condition of the body. Cristina Fernández has claimed that there she has no responsibility in the case, and that Nisman likely killed himself because he couldn’t back up his case.

This is a very interesting case. The Argentine government certainly does not have a stellar history in the corruption department. If it were to be found out that the government was involved in the murder of a lawyer that was investigating that government, it would spell a great deal of trouble for progress away from the corruption that plagued Latin America and Argentina in the second half of the 20th century. While there is no direct proof for either side of the argument, the possibility itself is surely enough to incite the fear of corruption.


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