Massive election cycle is at hand in Latin America

The Brookings Institution has a scene-setting post about the massive 22-month election cycle for 14 of Latin America’s nations starting this month. While the post attempts to synthesize trends for the region, much of the ultimate votes casts will be based on decidedly local, mundane affairs and sensitive to consumer confidence and trust in existing institutions.

It is worrisome that confidence in democracy has dropped roughly 10 percentage points across the region.

Screenshot 2017-11-10 07.35.35


I’m sure this is linked with the slowing down of national economies, the reduction in purchasing power, and persistent uncovering of naked corruption on the part of political elites.

Thus, the coming election cycle will be important for the further deepening of democratic practices throughout the region as current governments and aspirants to run government pursue policies to safeguard the material well-being of Latin Americans in a climate of slow economic growth.



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