Fancy tiling actually largest cocaine bust in colombian history

Those pretty tiles aren’t for your home and bath, they’re actually 13.4 tons of cocaine.

On Wednesday, November 8th, the largest drug bust in Colombian history took place. $360 million worth of cocaine was seized from 4 collection centers within a 3.7 mile radius. The cocaine originated from the Clan of the Gulf, and Colombian police have allegedly arrested 4 individuals who were connected to the record contraband. This marks over 360 tons of cocaine seized in Colombia for 2017, which is nearly more than the 2016 total. The Colombian police have been using their best efforts to seize more “high purity” cocaine like this.

The amount of cocaine is highly upsetting, considering Colombia has been offering monetary incentives for farmers to cease growing Coca. This hasn’t seemed to work, with now more than 146,000 hectares in 2016, compared to the 96,000 hectares in 2015. Despite efforts to fumigate farms and pay farmers, it doesn’t look like Colombia’s drug problems will be disappearing anytime soon.

Colombia Reports A Historic Seizure Of Cocaine: More Than 13 Tons


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