Piñera perhaps too confident about his standing in the Chilean race to win the presidency

Presidential candidate  Sebastián Piñera expressed complete confidence in his ability to win the election that is coming up within the week.  He is even quoted as saying, “We will win this election for which we have prepared for a long time,” most likely referencing the fact that he has essentially been running for president, since he was last elected president.

Something else Piñera is using as a basis for his run this election season, is by commenting on how the other candidates have been running on platforms with “hatred and bitterness,” somehow trying to suggest that his own policies and reforms do not also suggest the same.

In an ever-changing world in regards to policy and how public perception plays an even larger role, Piñera is not able to simply suggest that his policies are better for the people, but he needs to actively prove it. Other such candidates have, and in many people’s eyes, Piñera is struggling to catch up.

In his own words, he is making the campaign trail one of “hatred and bitterness,” by making comments about the other candidates that are less than politician-like. Piñera suggested that Alejandro Guillier, someone who has been frequently labeled as a “Candidate for the People,” has only created his “radical change” in direct response to Piñera’s distinct lack of appreciation for things such as social programs.

This type of language however is extremely confusing, because he is all but admitting that his policies and ideas for change do not actually benefit the people, and after that type of statement, he continues to berate other candidates for actually doing so. It makes one wonder if he has too strong of confidence levels about winning the presidency, and it makes many citizens truly start to question both his motives and desires.

People in the community have also bombarded Piñera with questions such as asking him if reforms created under Bachelet will end, such as social programs which really benefit the public in more ways than one.

His contradictions didn’t end earlier, however. In the same speech to the press, he talked about how he was going to end the way that politicians were able to bring their families into political power as well, something that has apparently been too frequent of an occurrence within politics lately. In this exact same paragraph though, Piñera spoke about how he was also going to bring his wife further into the fold and have her do more work as First Lady of Chile.

This, along with so many other factors lately, have not been leaving the public with a good image of Piñera lately. And while he has complete confidence that he will once again win this presidency, it could be suggested that he needs to take a step back and really evaluate whether or not he has too much confidence in this idea.


Read the full story here: http://www.emol.com/noticias/Nacional/2017/11/12/882983/Pinera-acusa-a-la-NM-La-campana-del-terror-la-estan-haciendo-en-forma-organizada.html


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