U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 10 More Venezuelan Officials

Last week, the Trump administration built on previous sanctions handed down by accusing 10 more Venezuelan government officials of undermining democracy by means of corruption. Notable people who are affected by these sanctions include the minister of urban agriculture, Freddy Alirio Bernal, and Eduardo Hidrobo Amoroso, the second vice president of the Constituent Assembly.

Half of these people are accused of playing a major role in the corruption of the recent regional elections, and several more are said to have attempted to aggressively control the media. These sanctions resulted in the freezing of all the assets under US jurisdiction, and Americans are no longer allowed to engage in business with the 10.

The sanctions do not come as a surprise, as the Trump administration has said on multiple occasions that America will not support what is considered to be a dictatorship in Venezuela under Maduro. Madera came to power under controversy when many accused him and his regime of committing mass voter fraud after his landslide victory.Trump had previously leveled sanctions against other members of the government, including members of the Supreme Court, the Vice President Tareck El Aissami, and Maduro himself. As of today, these sanctions do not seem to have caused Maduro to take any action to distance himself from accusations of authoritarianism.


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