Colombian elephant gets tusk-saving surgery

Over 100 people raised money for the operation of an elephant to repair damages made to his tusk. The repairs were done by over thirty people, and the elephant had to be sedated for three hours, which is very dangerous for animals at his age. The elephant’s name is Tantor, and they believe he is to be about fifty years old. The elephant was discovered by Colombia’s National Narcotics Agency on a ranch owned by drug traffickers in Barranquilla. He was found in April of 1991, along with several other animals that had been illegally traded. They had hoped to perform the surgery two years ago when Tanto first damaged his tusk, but they were unable to receive the anesthetics needed to perform this type of surgery on such a large animal. Special equipment also had to be built for surgical purposes. They were finally able to successfully accomplish root canal surgery on him at a zoo in Barranquilla.


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