American Family Missing in the Amazon After Possible Pirate Attack

A small American Family of four from California left their comfortable American lifestyle in 2012 to explore and travel around South America. The family consisted of father, Adam Harris Heart, 39, his wife Emily Faith Heart, 37, and their two young girls, Colette, 7, and Sierra, 3. Recently, the police have found the family’s van in the jungle near the Amazon River. It appears that the family had been living out of the van, but there were no clues to if the family had visited the van recently. It is believed that before, the family was traveling to Breves which located in Northern Brazil. However, a group of armed men, maybe pirates, took the boat hostage. Unfortunately, the Heart family were not the only people on the boat but there were several others. The pirates took the boat down the Amazon River to an area known as Porto dos Dias. Police arrived to Porto dos Dias as soon as they could, but when they arrived, the Heart family was nowhere to be seen. The other people that had been on the boat had had their personal belongings stolen by the pirates and were left with nothing. The police have made many hypotheses to what occurred on the boat during the frantic hostile situation, but one that the police strongly believe is that the family could have jumped into the water to get away from the pirates. Personally, I think it is a possibility that the family could have been thrown overboard or even killed and then thrown overboard. Hopefully, the family will be found soon and will be able to happily resume their travels.


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