Elections in Chile: An overview of 3 of the 8 candidates.

On Sunday’s elections in Chile, there are 8 candidates who are trying to occupy the presidency, which is currently occupied by Michelle Bachelet. 

Sebastián Piñera 

Among those candidates, is former president and the 3rd wealthiest entrepreneur in a Chile, Sebastián Piñera. Piñera, who is currently dominating the polls, left presidency with a 50% approval rate. He has vowed to separate politics from business and has been vocal in criticising the scandals that the current administration has been involved in. He has vowed to better the healthcare system, the quality of life, the public security, as well as transportation. Piñera has also been critisiced for making sexist remarks.

Beatriz “La Bea” Sánchez

There are two journalists, one of them Beatriz Sánchez, without any experience in politics, but who has focused her writing in politics. “la Bea” as she calls herself.

Alejandro Guillier

A sociologist and journalist, Alejandro Guillier, who has been criticised for calling people not to vote on primaries, he is actually behind Piñera in popularity. He promises to fix the pension system, healthcare and the educational reform. 

José Antonio Kast

A lower chamber of Congress legislator, José Antonio Kast, the son of German immigrants, and a lawyer by profession, who defends fervently the Christian values. He opposses abortion and same-sex marriage. He says he wants to “reconstruct” the nation and instill a sense of trust towards politics in the population. 

Certainly, Chile is the most advanced economy in South America, and it would be increasingly interesting to have a fresh face in La Moneda (the government palace of Chile), however, Piñera, has the most experience. 
Sunday will tell us what will happen, should there be a second round of voting, it will take place on 17 December. 


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