Peru’s President denies allegations of accepting bribes from Odebrecht construction company…

The Odebrecht bribery scandal continues to go on in interesting and unexpected ways; now you may be asking how is Odebrecht and what does this have to do with President Kuczynski? Well, lets take a small refresher to understand where we are right now. Odebrecht is a Brazilian construction company that has been using bribery and corruption to gain over 100 construction projects in 12 countries. Odebrecht has invaded even the highest parts of Latin American governments and in some governments in Africa. The discovery of this international scandal has destroyed many political careers and dismantled many parties. Former Brazilian left-wing president Dilma Rousseff is one of the many casualties of the scandal as she was forced to step down from her position last year. Michel Temer who is the successor to Rousseff may not survive his term for very long either, as tapes of him encouraging the acceptance of bribes had been released to the public. Temer is universally hated and as of this day is still in office. Marcelo Odebrecht, who was the president of the construction company is currently serving a 19-year sentence in a Brazilian jail, but he is currently working with investigators for a more lenient sentence. Marcelo has stated that it had paid out $29 million dollars in bribes to Peruvian officials over the past few years and now current Peruvian President Pablo Kuczynski is being tied into this corruption scandal. Marcelo not only stated that Kuczynski was brought into Odebrecht as a consultant to the company many years ago after he stepped down as Peru’s finance minister but that also his Presidental campaign had accepted bribery from the company as well. Kuczynski has denied all allegations against him and stated that he is committed to the fight against corruption in not only Peru but also Latin America as a whole. It is unclear as to where these allegations will take Kuczynski, but he could be reigned in for questioning fairly soon, only time will tell…


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