Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledesma Escapes House Arrest & Flees Country

After being on close watch since early 2015 after supporting an attempted coup against the Venezuelan gov. the former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, a 62 year old vocal opponent of current President Maduro (currently facing corruption charges), has just recently been reported to have escape his “long-term” confinement within his own house in Venezuela (mainly due to health issues), being seen fleeing cross the Colombian border, soon entering Spain and supposedly being met by his family. While according to Colombian immigration authorities Mayor Ledezma did enter the country legally after crossing the Simon Bolivar Bridge separating the two countries, it was stated by Mayor Ledezma that his escape was  “in attempts to continue fighting to restore the Venezuela’s democracy from exile,” even going so far to say that that his decision was his alone. However the issue of corruption that has befallen numerous Latin American countries, has many questioning whose actions are truly just, especially when examining the case of Venezuela. In my own personal opinion, as Mayor Ledezma actions may very well be just, numerous heavily armed police officers surrounded Ledezma’s residence as soon as news of his escape broke out across the country may believe otherwise. Yet why would the Venezuelan government target a man who, seemingly mission is to bring out the best for the Venezuelan public? With Ledezma wanting to repair the Venezuela government, whose corruption ties may lie even deeper than one may truly think the fact that the country is  struggling under Maduro administration, especially when it comes to staying current and up to date on its foreign debt, President Maduro actions may just be all in attempts to cover up his “hidden” actions. While Venezuela has guaranteed that their presidential elections next year will be fair and transparent, after the widespread international condemnation of vote rigging, the real question becomes, does Ledezma stand a chance to save the Venzeula government, to which could be filled with possibly deeper corruption ties to Maduro and police networks themselves? If caught Ledesma may not get the chance to make this change that seemingly appears would help get the Venezuelan government back on track to what it should be before the Maduro administration.


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