Caracas Mayor Escapes House Arrest and Flees Country

After spending a little over 1,000 days confined to his home by orders of current Venezuelan President, Maduro, Caracas Mayor Antonia Ledezma has escaped his home and fled to Spain after crossing over into Colombia. Former President of Colombia Andres Pastrana “welcomed him to freedom”.

Known as one of the biggest competitors to Maduro, Ledezma also has support of the United States, having President Donald Trump warning the “Muduro Dictatorship” to stop the aggression.

Ledezma is accused of in-sighting political protests in 2014 along with leader Leopoldo Lopez. In August both were arrested after the Supreme Court received reports of their plans to flee the country. While Ledezma’s family escaped to Spain he was left behind during a house raid and has only recently reunited with them.

With Ledezma’s escape and the support he and other opposes to the Venezuelan government receive from numerous other world powers it will be something to watch to see where Muduro and the rest of Venezuela heads in the near future.


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