The results… are still not in for new Chilean President

According to the latest polls coming from Santiago, Chile, presidential candidate Sebastián Piñera is favored to win the overall presidential election, but not without a run-off vote occurring in December. While results still of course have the ability to change, Piñera as of now, does not have the 50% of votes needed to win the election.

According to the Associated Press, he was hanging around 44.4% of the votes, with his closest competition, Alejandro Guillier at 19.7% of the votes. It has been recognized that there may also be lower voting numbers in this current election, due to a change of law in 2012 that no longer made voting mandatory for citizens.

This, coupled with the fact that Guillier’s promises made during the campaign appeal to a large portion of the population who are either impoverished or underrepresented, has made it possible for Piñera to not win completely outright. Many people support Guillier because he has suggested that he will continue, and succeed with, plans created by the current president of Chile.

Many still do believe this to be the unlikely turn of events, because Piñera still does have the majority of votes in his corner as of the latest updates. Regardless of how he left office with extremely low approval ratings due to a large number of protests by citizens over policy he promoted in regards to education and inequality amongst citizens, he will most likely still end up the winner.

If Piñera does fail to receive at least 50% of the Chilean vote, the runoff election will take place in December, between him and the next candidate with the highest amount of votes. This may encourage more people to go out to the polls and exercise a right that is no longer required by law, but still an active part of one’s civic duty.

The winner of the election tonight will not take office until March of 2018. Time will tell if it will be Piñera, someone already familiar with the presidency and everything it entails, or if it will be someone new, someone who could bring fresh change and hope into Chile.

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