Health Crisis in Venezuela is Only Getting Worse

From immense reports of preventable disease to malnutrition, these tragedies showcase not only the collapse of the Venezuelan health system but also the government under Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship. Diseases that are easily treatable with vaccines, such as diphtheria and malaria, are on the rise in recent years due to preventative measures being abandoned. There is a severe shortage of medicine in Venezuela, but it’s not only medicine itself that the failed state is missing. Hospitals are not big enough to accommodate all of the people that need assistance, whether it is with an illness or pregnancy. It is not an uncommon sight now to see women giving birth in hospitals’ waiting rooms because the hospitals are full. In fact, both public and private clinics combined can only provide service to about 25% of Venezuela’s population that needs treatment. Even if a patient manages to land a hospital bed, the chances of receiving the necessary treatment are even bleaker. Because the sick are not being treated for their preventable illnesses that are also easily spread, the rest of Venezuela is at risk.


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