Indian Festival of Lights “Diwali” to Happen in Rio’s Barra this Friday

On Friday, November 17th at 6pm, a free event called the Diwali – Festival of Lights will take place at the Yndu Beach Lounge in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An American expatriate named Roshnni Thakker organized the event and has been living in Rio for eight years. During this event, people gather for the Festival of Lights to celebrate the victory of Light over the Darkness. The Light is the good and wisdom and the darkness is the ignorance and evil. The Diwali is a large part of India’s Hindu culture and Thakker wanted to show her gratitude to friends, fellow employees, and even locals in the area and give them the opportunity to witness a large part in her culture. The event will take place at the Yndu Beach Lounge, which is known for it’s Hindu atmosphere and its view to the Barra beach which will set up the perfect atmosphere for such an event. In addition to the atmosphere, the guests will get to experience a three course Indian meal. Thakker said, “Chef Renata Brito da Silva learned these dishes from my mother, and nails it. It will be very special for me to taste my mother’s food, even with her far.” This event is quite significant for Thakker because not only is she having the opportunity to embrace her culture, but she has the opportunity to share her culture with others. In addition, this event will allow more people to become more open to diversity.


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