LGBTQ people in Central America flee for their lives

NBC news reports on the hundreds of LGBTQ people that are fleeing from violence and killings. These individuals are being pushed out of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala because of threats by criminal gangs and security forces. This discrimination gave El Salvador and Honduras the worlds highest number of murder rates. Powerful gangas take over whole neighborhoods sometimes, causing the discrimination and the killings to only get worse.

“Terrorized at home, and abused while trying to seek sanctuary abroad, they are now some of the most vulnerable refugees in the Americas.”

– Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International

When looking at El Salvador, 136 LGBTQ citizens had to flee the country since 2012. In Honduras, 264 LGBTQ people have been killed since 2009.  Many of these citizens from Central America flee to Mexico or the United States. One transgender woman, Cristel, told reporters that a local gang in El Salvador threatened they would kill her if she did not leave the country in 24 hours.

Many LGBTQ refugees fail to claim asylum though, because the countries fail to inform them of their eligibility for asylum.



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