Violence Surges in Rio de Janerio

Published by New York Times, this article looks at the violence and gangs that hold communities and areas in parts of Rio de Janerio, Brazil. To plan some daily routines and routes to work, residents have to track live reports of gunfire to stay out of harms way. With murder rates and crime rates up 11%, experts say that corruption in the state is to blame.

When the Brazil was preparing to host the World Cup and bidding to host the Olympics, there was a push to establish law enforcement and lower the crime rate. The plan of increasing the presence of law enforcement was to weed out these criminal networks in problem areas, and then be able to provide necessities and better housing for citizens. The plan seemed to be working, with crime rates dropping quickly and a 10.7 billion investment in infrastructure bringing hope to citizens of Brazil. News eventually broke that this money for the sporting events and infrastructure actually was being split between some officials.

Now, in 2017, there have been communities and neighborhoods that have been re-taken by gangs and killings. These killings and shootouts have gotten so bad that schools have to host drills if there is a shootout nearby and sometimes even have to call off school.

Through late October, there had been only 11 days this year in which at least one school in the city was not shut down as a result of violence, according to Rio de Janeiro’s municipal education system. That has meant that more than 161,000 students have had their studies interrupted by clashes.

– In Rio de Janeiro, ‘Complete Vulnerability’ as Violence Surges

There are moments when police seem to take control of areas again, but the areas quickly fall back into violence and disarray. The state just does not have the resources needed to combat this problem.



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