Women Refugees- Not Just From Syria

In the news for the past few weeks, the Syrian refugee crisis has been discussed frequently. The storyline of people leaving a place of oppression in hopes of reaching a place of safety is timeless.

Another large source of refugees is from Central American women. They are being violently attacked and abused in their home countries and see the United States as a place to protect them. In return, Americans usually are insensitive to these women’s needs and advocate for better border control. Leaving this large amount of fleeing women out of the United States keeps them susceptible to the violent forces that drove them out in the first place.

This situation is close to home and is rapidly becoming a crisis that if it remains unchecked can cause enormous amounts of issues for the Western Hemisphere.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/women-are-fleeing-violence-in-central-america-as-another-ref#.qqRYWLvmo

Latin American culture in the United States

Is this an old or new phenomenon? Is Latin American culture infiltrating the United States? Is this a good or bad or neutral thing?

Well, whether it is or not is another question.  But this Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may want to spice up your dishes with a Latin American inspired dip.  It is no surprise that this has shown up on the recent Google searches for fall dishes.  The United States was made as a melting pot.  The fact that other foods are starting to infiltrate the traditional fall meals is exciting and showing the progressiveness of our society.

Guatemala’s New President

In Guatemala, the new run-off election for president has been won by Jimmy Morales.  Mr. Morales is a known comedian of fourteen years without any experience in the political field.  In fact, Morales has a degree in Business Administration!  Even though Morales is highly against abortions and possibly a racist and homophobic, he still won majority of the votes coming in with 67.4% of the vote!  Morales was up against Sandra Torres who was formally married to a previous president.  She ran social programs for the state, but even then was not popular with the voters.

Morales claims to be an ordinary common man.  He is an Evangelical Protestant and on top of that advocates that his lack of experience and knowledge in the political field will allow for changes and policy and that because of this there may be a way to reform the government.

Torres on the other hand, seems to have  been highly unfavorable and even apart of some scandals when she divorced former president and husband, Colom in 2011.  She may have been favored in highly rural areas, but majority of the voters claimed that they were tired of the same faces in the government who continue to get rich off of them.

Hopefully due to this risk, corruption will be less.


Brazil Hosts First Ever World Indigenous Games

imagesToday marks the first day of the first ever World Indigenous Games. Hosted by Brazil, the games will take place in northern city of Palmas and will continue until October 31st. Some 2,000 athletes will be participating from a variety of indigenous ethnic groups from a total of 30 different countries.

The competitions will include well known Handmade Software, Inc. Image Alchemy v1.14sports like football, as well as traditional sports such as archery, canoeing, spear tossing, and a foot race through the forest. There will also be non-competitive events showcasing the many different traditionsof indigenous ethnic groups involved, such as a football-style game called xikunahity in which the ball is controlled only with the head, played in the Matto Gross region of Brazil.

From Brazil alone, 24 different indigenous 1028978226groups are taking part. Along with the indigenous tribes across the Americas, delegates from Russia, Australia, The Phillipeans, Ethiopia, and New Zealand will also be participating

However it seems not everyone is on
imagesboard with this celebration. Some indigenous people are protesting the event, saying that the money used for the games would have been better spent on actually improving the lives of the indigenous people instead of showcasing them.

Posted By: Sophie Terry


Cuba and Political Dissidents

In Cuba, a prisoner of conscious, Danilo Maldonado, also known as “El Sexto,” was recently released from prison. Originally for disrespecting the Castro brothers, he spent ten months in prison, starting in December of 2014, for planning an art exhibit that took influence from the George Orwell book “Animal Farm.” While in prison, many came to the support of the graffiti artist, like the human rights NGO, Amnesty International, and Cuban-American Senator, Robert Menendez. Many other prisoners of conscious were released back when Obama and Raul Castro began talks to establish diplomatic ties.

The imprisonment of Maldonado shows that Cuba still does not have the freedom to express dissident opinions focused towards the government. One Cuban group has estimated that as many as 70 prisoners of conscious are in Cuban prisoners. Maldonado is an example of this repression that is focused against the Cuban population. President Obama has made it a priority to stress the importance of Cuba creating an environment for dissident opinions in order to make the US Congress to be willing to create trade agreements and diplomatic relations.


Posted By: Brent Hunsucker

Economies in 2016

Interests rates are expected to rise for the central banks in Brazil for 2016.  Peru is expected to have a growth of 3% in 2016.  One of the highest estimates for the Latin American economies in 2016.  The slump in Latin American economies is expected to continue for the next couple of months.  Economists are unsure about when the slump will truly be over.  However, we cannot hate on economists too much, the economy is extremely difficult to predict with many different variables.


Missing 43 Students Case File Made Public


The Mexican Attorney General’s Office has released the entire redacted file of its investigation of the most high profile human rights case the country has ever seen. There has been resounding criticism of the governments recorded actions because of the many contradictions found between the reports and the press releases the government had previously given and the newly released papers.

The story goes like this: On September 26 of 2014, Mexican police attacked dozens of students who were trying to get to an annual rally in Mexico City to commemorate the 1968 Tlatelolco student massacre. Six students died in the attacks, several were injured, and 43 were never seen again. It was reported that, “local police handed the students off to the Guerreros Unidos drug gang who killed the students and incinerated their bodies at a trash dump in the neighboring town of Cocula”. No evidence has been found of such a fire in the Cocula trash dump. However, understanding that this is a notorious drug gang, it would not be wise to assume that this lack of evidence means that the students are still alive.

A panel of experts fielded by the International American Commission on Human Rights concluded in a report last month that this gory version of events has no basis in forensic science, which is the same thing forensic analysts have been saying for months before the report came out. Apparently, the human remains found at the alleged sites only matched the DNA for one student, begging the whereabouts of the other forty two bodies.

Murillo Karam, the attorney general serving through these events, has stood by the original claims and continues to defend them in the face of these new findings. Karam was replaced by Arely Gómez in February, who will now have to confront the public backlash of this atrocity.

Posted by Sophie Terry


Baseball and The Big Red Machine

The Big Red Machine was a baseball team that operated like a machine.  This article was written by ESPN in order to tell a little bit of the history of Latino men being invited to play in American baseball.  Jackie Robinson not only opened the door for African American players, but also for Latino men to come play in the games.  To someone who does not know a lot about baseball history, it is interesting to discover how baseball was introduced to Latin American boys and how they then changed the game of baseball.


Mexican Satire of Donald Trump

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has caused many people within the United States and Mexico to become upset because of his views of people from the Latin American country being nothing more than criminals. Even though Trump’s views are clearly untrue, many people are trying to combat these insulting remarks with humor. Throughout Mexico, musicians and app developers are using art and technology to make fun of the presidential hopeful. People are selling pinatas in the likeness of Trump so people can their frustrations out with every swing. The most visible form of using humor in response to his comments is a play entitled “The Donald.”

The play, which last an hour and a half, mocks Donald Trump and how he has run his campaign. The actors, dressed with hairpieces to match the billionaire’s, are making fun of the elite lifestyle that is expected of a man with this much wealth. Rather than becoming angry and protest the insulting remarks, people in Mexico are instead choosing to take a humorous approach to this issue. The same kind of elitism that Trump is famous for is also similar to extremely wealthy families in Mexico. The play, while focusing mainly on Trump, is representative of the powerful in the country. While people in Mexico are trying to make fun of Trump’s views, some people are angry that he is so high in the presidential polls. People who support Trump’s kind of misguided opinions make it hard for the truth to come to light and for Hispanic people to come into America. Trump is viewing people from Mexico negatively as criminals which Hispanics to try to laugh it off but it is becoming more difficult with the growing support of the presidential hopeful.


“A Literary Superagent with a License to Kill”

For writers coming of age during and after the Latin American Literary Boom, invoking Carmen Balcells became de rigueur, the ultimate literary credential, because it linked them to a special kind of origin story.

The New Yorker writes about the woman who was behind a literary boom in Latin America during the 20th century.  Carmen Balcells had a group of writers under her that she pushed and pushed to be and do and write the very best that they could.  She would proof and help the writers become published.  She wanted the Spanish people, the Latin Americans, to be heard in their writings.  Her students even wrote about her in their stories.  Always in a respectful way.  She helped to put them in high places in the literary world.  She saw the importance of teaching students to read and write.