Honduras Still Waiting on Votes to be Counted

Currently, supporters from both sides of the election have strong hopes that their candidate will win the presidency. After Mondays release of partial votes, it was revealed that Salvador Nasralla has a five-point lead over the Incumbent, current President Juan Orlando Hernández. However, there are strong opinions that once all the votes have come in Hernández will take the lead. The final votes should come in Thursday, and the next president of Honduras will be announced.

Here are a few facts about both candidates:

Salvador Nasralla is a 64-year-old former TV presenter and sports journalist, he opposes dictatorships and is head of the Opposition Alliance Against the Dictatorship. He previously ran in 2013 but lost against the current president.

Juan Orlando Hernández is the current President of Honduras and is 49-years-old. He is head of the right-wing alliance and comes from a family of politicians. Previously, there was a ban in Honduras on re-election that was recently lifted by the Supreme Court making Hernández the first person to run for reelection.

The votes are not said to be fully counted until mid-day Thursday. While many are critical of this delay which apparently has not previously happened, it is being done to make sure that votes even from the most remote areas are being counted and those voices are being heard.


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