US withdraws nearly half of its staff from the US Embassy in Cuba in recent response to “mysterious” attack

In recent repose to the mysterious attacks surrounding the US embassy within Cuba, the US has just recently issued an order requiring all non-essential staff members within the US embassy of Havana to leave the country, leaving only “emergency personnel” behind. This comes after several reports from previous months have stated that numerous staff members have been found reporting varying health problems from slight dizziness, to mild brain trauma and deafness. This of course, has lead to the US government to react in a quick and efficient manner when it has been  suggested that sonic attacks are to blame. Of course Cuba has denied all involvement with such recent attacks occurring in Havana but Investigations involving the FBI have still persisted, however no full explanation as to what may have caused such incidents since late 2016 has been found, But given the recent threat to civilians, Washington has also warned Americans to not visit the country because some attacks have also been found present in multiple hotels surrounding the area. While describing the US decisions as being rather “hasty” the Cuban government did state that the decision would affect bilateral ties, but according to US secretary Rex Tillerson, the relationship amongst the two countries will continue to co-operate, maintaining all diplomatic ties while investigation persist in trying to uncover the masterminds behind such an attack. It has been stated that until the government of Cuba can ensure the safety of US citizens, then only emergency personnel will remain in Cuba until issues are resolved.



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